2017: Lava Launch #1

"I think: let me live with her while she can still live deliberately, for herself."

FEATURED ESSAY: The Best Time I Had as a Boy

by Leah Falk

"Here are the twin wishes of every preadolescent: to be an expert in something and to survive, or even live well, without adult oversight."

On Polemical writing: Reflections On Lava Launch 2017 #1

by Ori Fienberg

"I've come to understand . . . that my doubts were born more out of my own fears of not being able to write anything relevant, than the polemical poems peers were producing."


Book Review: All Russians Love Birch trees

by Kat Solomon

"It's a relevant book for 2017, a lyrical novel with a deep political resonance and one that emphatically rejects the tribalism and anti-immigrant sentiments currently on the rise in the U.S. and abroad.

The Lava Step Collective Participates in The Ides of Trump: